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How SupportOperator Retains Your Customers While You Focus On Growing Your Business

Positive feedback from old customers dramatically aids a hosting company in establishing a reliable brand image within the industry. However, dealing with customers might take your focus away from growing your business. This is where SupportOperator comes into frame. We are a full-service server management company, and we offer whitelabel support. We can aid you […]

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Use the built-in PHP server in WordPress development

Unlike the traditional development setup which requires to download and config a web server, you can use the built-in PHP server, which doesn’t ask for any complicated configuration like Apache HTTP Server or nginx … Create a directory where you want to run PHP code, $ mkdir php-project $ cd php-project then start a locally-awesome […]

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Quality Server Administration Solutions for Businesses

Small businesses do not usually have the funds or the ability to have an in-house IT department at their disposal but their need for quality technology is just as great as any other company. In fact, if your business is completely online then you are totally reliant on the IT expert to get it setup […]

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